difference between 'manner' and 'manners'

Dear Friend,

What is the difference between ‘manner’ and ‘manners’.

1.Show her some ‘manners’.

2.In what manner did you approach her?.

Hi Gerald,

Interesting question. ‘Manner’ refers to style, way in which something is done/conducted as in: He spoke to them in a very rude manner.

‘Manners’ is a general word for behaviour as in: Bad manners= bad behaviour Good manners= good behaviour. In your sentence:

Show her some ‘manners’, this means: Be polite to her.


Dear Alan,

Thank you very much for your help.Its only for a day or so that I Joined this forum and i can say that I have learned so many new things that i have never learned before.Even though English language still demands a thorough understanding of Grammar and Rules i believe that iam going to learn some more with many good people around.Thanks Alan.