Difference between loud, aloud and loudly

The synonyms and related words drive me mad! :frowning:
I have some problems with these words: “loud”, “aloud” and “loudly”.

  1. She has a very good pronunciation when she reads English …
    a. aloud
    b. loudly
    c. loud
    d. all are correct
  2. His voice is … enough to be heard by everyone in the room.
    a. loudly
    b. loud
    c. low
    d. all are correct
  3. Hearing the bomb exploding … , all the passengers stopped walking.
    a. big
    b. loud
    c. aloud
    d. loudly
    They have the same meaning, don’t they? How can I choose the correct answer?
    Please explain the differences between them.
    Thank you very much for your help.

Hi sophie,
Main difference between loud, aloud & loudly is that ‘loudly’ & ‘aloud’ are adverbs, but ‘loud’ is an adjective.
Secondly, ‘aloud’ means like -enable everyone to hear sth, e.g to read sth aloud,
but ‘loudly’ refers mostly to the power of the sound.
So the answers to your questions would be:

  1. a
  2. b
  3. d
    I don’t know whether my explanation is sufficient for you but still I tried to make it clear. Good luck :slight_smile:

I agree with CarollynTee. Loud is an adjective (but it can be an adverb, so loud = loudly in these cases: You’ve got the telly on too loud. The band was playing so loud, we couldn’t hear each other.) Aloud = out loud.

I read in one of my grammar books that in informal English, the adjectives cheap, loud, quick and slow can be adverbs: They sell things cheap/cheaply there. Come as quick/quickly as you can.

Yes, “loud” can be adverbs, and I agree with Carollyn’s answers for Sophie’s questions. However I think we haven’t been able to give her a satisfying explaination for these words yet. May we have ideas of some native speakers, please?

P.S: Hi Inga, you are an English teacher, aren’t you? :slight_smile:

Sorry may we have ideas of some native speaker, please?

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That’s all right, Inga, nice to get acquainted with you :slight_smile:

By the way, could any native speaker please let us know your idea?
Many thanks

Excuse me but this matter seems a bit serious to non-natives speakers like us, so please share your idea…

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