Difference between lend and borrow?

I had lend 500$ from kelly.

I had Borrowed 500$ from kelly.

The above sentences are correct or wrong.

The second sentence is correct:
I had borrowed $500 from Kelly (I had taken money for a short time with Kelly’s permission).

The first sentence should be changed as follows:
Kelly had lent me $500 (Kelly had given me some money for a certain period of time).

The first sentence could also be changed to, “I borrowed $500 from Kelly.”

Note also your other mistakes: You wrote “kelly”, but a name should begin with a capital letter, so her name is “Kelly”. Also, in English we put the dollar sign before the number, not after. You wrote “500$”, but the correct way to write it is “$500”.

Lend means ‘to loan’.

‘Kelly, could you lend me $500?’
‘Kelly, could I borrow $500?’

‘I’ll lend you $500.’

Thanks conchita,jamie and sunchild…


Thanks conchita,jamie and sunchild…