difference between I've trying to call and I've tried to call

Need you help please…
Whats is the difference between this sentences…?

I’ve been trying to call you all afternoon/ I’ve try to call three times.


Hi Sonnete

Here is a bit of input for you:

I’ve been trying to call you all afternoon:
I have tried to call you many times this afternoon. It is still afternoon, but probably late afternoon. It is unclear exactly how many times I tried to call you before now. If this sentence is spoken directly to the person you have been trying to call, then you have finally reached the person.

I’ve tried to call three times.:
This sentence suggests that all three calls were made to the same person, but it does not say exactly who you tried to call. This sentence does not say whether all of the three attempts to call were on the same day. It only says that so far there have been three unsuccessful attempts to call someone.