difference between happened and has happened

difference between happened and has happened

                       will do and will be doing

to and for you

“Heppened” refers to past with particular time and has happened refers to past without any particular time. Actually in second form we also have a result in present.
The explosion happened yesterday.
Many explosions have happened .
With has/have happened ( present perfect) you can use “since” and “for”.
Many explosions have happened since last year in this country.

Could this be a poem? I tried to write about poem and this is my best shot. what do u think? I am in the right track?

When I was a child I had many dreams
That had many meaning to my life.

I had no one to help me accomplish all those dreams.
But I had confidence in me that kept me going.
I had no money and no courage to finish them.
But I had God on my side that had showed me which way to turn.
I had determination and motivation that have got me this far.
I had no regrets and no pain what so ever.ect my poem!

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