Difference between GMAT and TOEIC?

Hello. Can you tell us more about GMAT? Which are the contents of this exam? What is better the GMAT, the TOEIC or the TOEFL? Also, how do you pronounce the word GMAT properly? Thank you

Hi Openmind,

The GMAT is for candidates who want to get admission to business schools such as universities or business colleges. So, the GMAT is an exam that is taken by young people from English speaking countries as well as other countries while the TOEIC is exclusively for candidates who speak English as a second language.
In addition, there are more differences between the GMAT and the TOEIC: The GMAT assesses a candidate’s mathematical as well as verbal skills while the TOEIC evaluates only your command of the English language in a business setting.
As for the pronunciation of GMAT - it’s partly an acronym, which means, you pronounce the G as in G.I. and the MAT is pronounced as a word. So, it’s G-MAT.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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So, are you saying that you need to take the GMAT before you can apply for an MBA study program? What about German universities. Do they offer GMAT classes? Also, can you tell me more about the structure of the GMAT?

Well, the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is used by business colleges and universities to evaluate your qualifications if you apply for advanced study programs in business and management. I think most education providers in North America and an increasing number of universities in Europe require you to take the GMAT before you can enrol in MBA course. The GMAT measures your basic verbal, mathematical, and analytical writing skills while it does not measure your knowledge of business, your job skills or specific content that you have acquired in your undergraduate or first university course. So, it’s a standardized assessment that determines your potential academic performance in an MBA or another graduate management program.
As for as Gemany is concerned, I think there are only few institutions offering GMAT and MBA courses but the number is growing constantly. One provider I know of is Manhattan Review at Review.de - check it out and let me know what you think.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Is it possible to prepare for the GMAT online? Also, can I do an MBA program on the Internet or are those programs available at real universities only?

Hi Openmind,

You can prepare for any test online because every time you communicate with other people in English you learn something new and improve your language skills. If you wait a little more you will be able to take interactive GMAT vocabulary tests at english-test.net
As for the maths questions of the GMAT - I’m sure there are appropriate resources available on the Internet, in addition it’s probably a good idea to purchase a GMAT prep book that contains specific exercises along with the answer keys.
You asked about online MBA programs. Yes, there are a variety of universities, especially in the US, that offer distance graduate and undergraduate courses. If you like we can do some research together and exchange details on the forum. I think online education is a fast growing industry and in the future many people will obtain university degrees by studying online. As you can imagine, earning a university degree via the Internet has advantages as well as disadvantages over the residential method.
For more information on MBA online programs you can search Google for [color=blue]MBA online or [color=blue]online degrees or [color=blue]distance MBA and see what comes up.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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I followed your advice and searched Google for those keywords but there is so much information. Very confusing. I would like to apply for an MBA course online and some websites say I don’t need the GMAT but those universities are not accredited. What does that mean? Can they offer MBA programs without accreditation? Why would anybody take such a course? Please, help me out here.
Thank you


you have made a good point here. I have seen websites that claim you even don’t need to study to obtain a university degree. It’s obvious that all the advantages of communicating via the Internet can also be used to mislead people. If you want to enrol in a graduate program I really recommend you take the GMAT first because the vast majority of universities require a certain GMAT score for admission. Also, taking the GMAT will raise your level of self-confidence because you get an idea of your learning capabilities.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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I have heard of the GMAT too. I’m currently preparing for the TOEFL and a friend of mine mentioned the TOEIC the other day. She said she would rather take the TOEIC than the TOEFL because it’s easier. Is that so? Thanks. EF

Hi Englishfan,

Both the TOEFL and the TOEIC are exams for people who speak English a second language and both are equally difficult or easy. It’s just that the TOEFL measures a person’s ability to understand English in an academic setting whereas the TOEIC was developed for people in the business world. The TOEFL contains a writing part in which you have to compose an essay - the TOEIC consists of multiple choice questions only which doesn’t mean the latter is easier.
Please, let me know if this answers your question.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Dear Hassan,

Good to hear from you. If you want to prepare for the GMAT, you should purchase some GMAT prep books or use other GMAT resources such as crack-gmat.com
As for scholarships, as you know they are available and your success depends on how you approach the university you want to study at. Put yourself into their shoes: Give them as many reasons why they should sponsor you as possible. Make a list of what you have to offer. Then do some research to find out what university you want to study at. Contact them to tell them what their benefits are if they have you as a student. Let me know what you think.

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