Difference between get on with and get on at

Test No. [color=blue]incompl/elem-14 “Computers”, question 1

How are you getting on your new computer?

(a) at
(b) with
© by
(d) for

Test No. [color=blue]incompl/elem-14 “Computers”, answer 1

How are you getting on with your new computer?

Correct answer: (b) with

Your answer was: [color=red]incorrect
How are you getting on at your new computer?

Hello again,
I got that this sentence means how are you going to manage your new computer, is that right?
I?d like to know if the expression “to get on at something” is used for everything or just for computers.


There are two phrases - to get on [color=blue]at somebody which means to criticize someone and to get on [color=blue]with somebody or something.

Now, the correct expression in the sentence you are referring to is How are you getting on [color=blue]with your new computer? and it means Are you making progress in managing and using your new computer?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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