Difference between fiber and fibre

Her I am again.

Can you tell me the difference - if any - between fiber and fibre ?

Thanks for your help

Hello ginevra,

The only difference is that ‘fibre’ is the British English spelling, and ‘fiber’ is the American English spelling. No difference in meaning.

how about center and centre?
does that bring any difference?

Hi Look,

No, there is no difference in meaning between both words, the first is American and the second British spelling. Here in Germany, many shopping malls, service centers, retail outlets and offices use the word “center” and it’s almost always American spelling. For more example, please read British vs. American English and scroll down to “Spelling”.

Let me know what you think.
Many thanks,

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i have read the links and i know that both are the same
but now i have another question
usually we use center to represent the middle like the city center, the center of the earth
If like this, does the word centre can used as well?

In British English, yes.

oh i see, thx for your help molly