Difference between 'fall over' and 'fall down'

Test No. [color=blue]incompl/elem-8 “Articles”, question 6

Can anyone give me please because I have just fallen over?

(a) hand
(b) a hand
(c) the hand

Test No. [color=blue]incompl/elem-8 “Articles”, answer 6

Can anyone give me a hand please because I have just fallen over?

Correct answer: (b) a hand

Your answer was: [color=green]correct

difference between “fall over” and “fall down” pls

Well, the result of both might be the same, however fall over means to fall forward and down whereas fall down just means what it says.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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I gotcha now…

And why is it ‘give me a hand’ and not ‘the hand’? Thanks!


You wouldn’t say ‘the’ here because that would specify ‘hand’ and all the person wants is some help by being offered ‘a’ hand - in other words one hand.



Hi Mitra,

You need the article here because it really means ‘one’ and it isn’t an abstract noun. By the way, writing a message in capital letters on the Internet is like shouting.


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Thanks a lot for your attention.I apologize for this.It was a problem of my keyboard and promise to don’t repeat it.

Dear Torsten,

I reply to you in the last minute but I had been abroad. About my test: at the first attempt I scored 8 good points and 2 mistakes. My mistakes were:
1.give a hand - I left out “a”
2. The Romans - I wrote without a definite article

Afterwards I’ve made the test twice without mistake.

Your explanation taught me for a life these rules what 's linked with these words or expressions. I 'll know from now on that before the name of nations I have to use “the”.For exp: the Hungarian, The American etc.
Unfortunately I knew it earlier but I have forgotten because my knowledge is passive. Not for nothing the proverb says:“Repetition is the mother of knowledge”

Thank you everything.

Best wishes:
Kati Svaby

Hi Torsten

Is “fall over” an expression? What does it mean?


Fall over= stumble or trip after hitting sb/ sth with one feet when walking= I fell over when I stumbled ovea stone.
= a standing thing overturns = The tree fell over in the storm.
The glass fell over when accidentally I gave to it a push.

Fall down=1. come down = …heavy rain fell down
…at night some snowflakes fell down
2.be shown to be false and inadequate; collapse=Because of economies fall
down in Latvia I closed my company.The plan fell down because it proved
to be too expensive.
3.stop standing, esp. suddenly; collapse=The toddler tried to walk but kept
falling down. She fell over and broke her leg.
I think to fall down can happen without an obstacle over which I stumble and fall over, and when I fall down it can happen without stumble for exp. in result in an indisposition or clumsiness.

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Kati Svaby

Correction: I stumbled over a stone.

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My records were unsuccesful, I try again. This is a try.

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Thanks a lot for explanation. I’m new here but very happy to find your website. It’s “génial”!! How do you say it in English?


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‘Fall over’ usually refers to some kind of accident where someone doesn’t see something on the ground, their foot hits it and then as a result they have fallen over and are lying on the ground. ‘Fall down’ suggests that something drops on to the ground from above as when an apple on a tree falls down from the tree when it is ripe.


Dear all,

First of all many congratulations for the site!

I have a doubt it is “a hand” or “an hand”?

Many thank in advance for your help.

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a hand

The word ‘hand’ begins with a consonant sound.
Only words that begin with a vowel sound use ‘an’.