Difference between ever seen and Never seen

I have everseen you like that

I have neverseen you like that

what is the difference between these two?

can u clear my doubts?


Hi geetha,
The first one is not standard. You can use “ever” in a question: Have you ever seen her like that?

The second one is standard: I have never seen you like that.

Thank u somuch for ur reply

I think that ever also can be put when you need to make some one sure that you haven’t done something like this:
I have ever never done this before

Good point, but the only word order I have ever heard is “never ever”:

  • I have never ever done this before.

Geetha, the word “never” means “not ever” or “not at any time”.

The word “ever” is frequently used with a meaning of “at any time”. It is probably most commonly used in questions and negative sentences. And you will often find “ever” used with the present perfect.

But “ever” can also be used in some affirmative constructions. For example, it is not uncommon to find “ever” used in combination with the word “only” – as in the first sentence I wrote in this post.

Or, for example, you might find “ever” used in combination with the phrase “the first time”:

  • This is the first time I have ever seen you like that.

You’ll also often see “ever” in combination with a comparative and the word “than”, or in combination with a superlative. This sort of combination in an affirmative sentence basically means the same thing as “never more at any time before”:

  • He looks better than ever. (= He has never looked better than he looks now.)
  • The price of gas is higher than it has ever been. (= The price of gas has never been higher.)
  • That is the worst movie I have ever seen. (= I have never seen a worse movie.)
  • This is the most interesting course I have ever attended. (= I have never attended a more interesting course.)

thanks Amy