Difference between eligible and anable

Dear Teachers,

What the difference between eligible and anable?

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Someone who is ‘eligible’ is able to be chosen, suitable: he is eligible for a pension; if you are over 18, you are eligible to vote.

An eligible bachelor is a young man who has all the qualifications (especially money) to be married.

The opposite of ‘eligible’ is ‘ineligible’.

By ‘anable’, did you mean ‘unable’? This means ‘not able’. As with ‘able’, it is usually followed by ‘to’: he was quite unable to speak; she is unable to attend.

Hi Conchita,
Or maybe teodora65 meant “enable”? :smiley: We have nothing but wait for teodora’s elucidation :smiley:

enable -sorry for confusing.
could you explain the difference between eligible and enable,please!