difference between "dream of" and "dream about"

hello everyone, it’s a special site indeed!
hats off to all its founders.
I would love to be a frequent visitor of this website, for i always come across things that really puzzle me!

My question for teacher Alan is:

Is there a significant difference between “dream of” and “dream about”?
If yes, please specify the usage of each.

Much appreciated!

Hi Hadil,

Many thanks for your positive feedback, we are glad you like our site. As for your question, “dream of” usually refers to wishes and desires while “dream about” describes something you had a dream about.

Let me know what you think.

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Many thanks for the quick reply Mr. Torsten.

Yes it’s much clearer now!
You’re gonna receive posts from me very often from now on,is it ok?:slight_smile:

Have a nice day:)

Hi, Hadil

To what Torsten has already said, I’d like to add a new collocation with the word “dream” that I learnt the other day:
Wouldn’t dream of doing something which basically means that you would never do something even if the opportunity came along.
For example: I wouldn’t dream of hurting a child


thanks for the additional information you provided “lost soul” :slight_smile:

I would have never dreamt of getting such a quick help in this forum;)

Have a nice day!