Difference between clothes and clothing


What’s the difference between “clothes” and “clothing”?Can they be used interchangeably?
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‘Clothes’ refers to individual items that you wear. You pack your clothes in a bag/case before you go away (on holiday).

‘Clothing’ is the collective noun for all sorts of clothes as in ’ Women’s/ Men’s Clothing department’ in a shop/store.

You could compare these two words with ‘shoes’ suggesting individual shoes/pairs of shoes and ‘footwear’ as the collective noun.



Thank you so much for such a quick reply.
Does the sentence " I like simple hardwearing clothing" make sense?


do you mean…hardware…hard wear…hard wire…hard where…?


“Hardwearing” means resistant to extensive wear; durable: a pair of hardwearing jeans.


I think it should be [color=blue]hard-wearing (notice the hyphen in between)…

thanks for sharing a new compound word…


According to Dictionary.com, this word is spelled together, however i do believe that both variants are possible. Thank you as well)