Difference between apparently and surely

I’m Jong and got a member in this web site.
I’m a new comer.

I have some question.
The question is what the difference between apparently and surely is?
please teach me and thank you for your tips in advance.

Hi ,nice to meet you !I’m a new member too!

Surely is more definite than apparently.


You see a girl’s room. Everything - the bedding, the walls, the furniture, is blue. You say:

“Apparently, she likes blue.”

You are assuming that she likes blue, based on what you see.

A friend tells you that he is going to skate board across a huge ravine. You say:

“Surely, you can’t be serious!”

You are saying that no one in his right mind would do such a dangerous thing!

“Apparent” refers to something seeming a certain way, based on the information you gather.

“Sure” refers to being absolutely certain of something.


“Well, I see a path, there’s smoke from a fire ahead, and I hear voices…this is apparently the way back to camp.”

“I’ve plotted the course on a map, we are going in the right direction according to the position of the sun, and my personal GPS marks the spot…we are surely on the way back to camp!”