Difference betrayer vs. traitor?

There are two similar words: betrayer and traitor.

Whats the difference?

Similarly: Whats the difference between betrayal vs. treason?

Thank you


Treason always involves a crime that undermines or hurts that national security of a country while betrayal can happen in a personal context too. So, a betrayer is anyone who betrays another person while a traitor is somebody who engages in acts against a country’s national security.

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Torsten’s explanation is adequate.
As regards betrayal vs. treason, they are the respective noun forms of betrayer and traitor.


'Betrayal’ is when you break a promise to someone, you give away a secret or you do not support / let someone down you had previously agreed to help/support. ‘Treason’’ is doing all those things I have mentioned but they are against your country rather than an individual. This is a very serious crime and in many cases the person found guilty is sentenced to death. The noun associated with ‘betray’ is ‘betrayal’ and the person could be described as a ‘betrayer’ but this word is not used very often. The person who commits treason is called a ‘traitor’ and the crime is ‘treason’.