Did my use to present perfect in this part right?


I used present perfect in part of my one of post,

and my question is:

did my use to present perfect in this part right?,because I think these works are repeated actions from the past to present.


Hi Mba
I think your first use of present perfect is OK because you are referring to the time from the beginning of a year up to Ramadan. But I would change the second present perfect to the simple present tense.

You could write the whole thing in the simple present tense because you are talking about something that is always true (It happens this way every year).

Your use of the noun “avail” sounds odd to me. Did you mean “benefit”?

[color=blue]The second avail: most of the year, members of the family haven’t eaten (OR: don’t eat) with their parents, but in this month you eat with all of the family together in the evening and talk about your daily life.
I mean all of the members of a family get together during Ramadan.