Did man walk on the moon?

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In the 40+ years since the moon landing, NOT ONE of the people involved has said that it didn’t really happen.

Think of that – hundreds of people, over forty years… and none of them have said it was faked.

So either we ripped out their tongues and blinded them, or we landed on Luna; because if it was faked, SOMEONE would have said so. A disgruntled co-worker, a whistle-blower, someone.

People at NASA are screened as thoroughly as any employees anywhere, with perhaps a few exceptions (Secret Service, for example). They are likely among the most honest and intelligent (rocket scientists… literally) people on the planet.

This author hates America, apparently, and can’t stand the fact that a decade of research (or more) paid off in multiple moon landings. Maybe we should send him to the moon next… if we ever decide to risk it again.

MythBusters recently debunked many of the arguments made by conspiracy theorists – lighting on the moon, Van Allen radiation (while powerful, not nearly enough to kill them during the flight…), the flag, etc.

But I’m not going to go further with the science which supports each aspect of the moon trips. Mine is a point of logic, based on human nature: given the honesty/integrity of NASA personnel, had it been a hoax, they would have said something in the forty years since…

More non-scientific support for the validity of the moon landing:

  1. We were in the midst of the Cold War with the Soviets. They surely would have loved to have called it a fake, but they didn’t. If our ENEMIES believed it was real, well…

  2. Getting back to NASA personnel: millions would have bought a “I never stepped on the moon” book by Neil Armstrong, making him a very, very rich man. Same for lesser NASA people – riches readily available.

So… the honest people of NASA have never called it a fake… and our enemies in the space race, the Soviets, never called it a fake. They had some pretty good scientists too…

It was Communist sympathizers in the '70s who spread their filth… and it’s been kept alive – in the face of science and common sense/psychology – by the usual anti-Establishment folks.

We landed on the moon, multiple times. Period.

Why don’t we go frequently?

  1. It costs a ton of money
  2. It’s pretty dangerous
  3. Been there, done that – we wanted to show it could be done, and we enjoy many technological advances today whose roots are in the space program – but we’d rather spend billions to free a people than to go back to the moon. And we don’t like having our taxes increased. hehe

is it real or fake, just wait for a moment, after chinese people climb on it, you will know the truth. at present, chinese, japaness, european, russian, all of they want to climb on moon and mars, not american only now, so few years later, you will know that whether human can climb on the moon or not, and i think they will tell you the story of apollo

My main point here is “Is manned space flight even possible” - The apollo missions are the only time man has claimed to be above low orbit(300 odd miles) since the space race began.

So the problem is not with Rocket technology IMO the main problem could be lethal radiation and solar flares in open space once you are out of earths protective atmosphere which stops all kinds of stuff from harming us.

Yes, Prezbucky, you’re right as to the hundreds of professionals picked and hired by NASA. You may also remember exact number of years gone since assassination of JFK? His brother Bobby? Anyone spilled the beans?.. Or the gold of The Third Reich /the same question/? Or the gold of CPSU? No, let Hollywood heroes perform their feats, real life is a different matter…

I think landing on moon should be made an idiom. Because people bluff so much these days they surely do land on moon! :wink:

Hey folks, last days a ‘meteor rain’ is really popular, at least in my country, it last for few months but for brief period of time it is the strongest,that brief period of time was few days ago and it last for few days. I saw twenty of them for only half hour or less, but the main thing in all this story is that NASA thanks to great telescope and science discovered that every single ‘‘rock’’ has it own DNK on rock. The same dnk that cause life on Earth. So now they are 95% sure that there is life similar to our on many planets.

I dream to walk on the moon too:)

“Too”??? OMG - In just using the word “Too” you are endorsing the myth :slight_smile: