Did I construct the below sentences in a correct manner?

  • The delivery perimeter/boundary is located at ABC street.

  • There are four deliveries and the addresses for the deliveries are located at the North, South, East and West sides perimeters of our delivery zones.

  • The house is located at the perimeter/boundary of the delivery zone for the east side/ of the east side.

Please help me with the above sentences? Much appreciated.


I assume you are writing this for your customers? If this is the case I suggest you use a different format.

For example:
You can get your food delivered by us within the following permiteres:…

Please let me know what you think.

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Thanks for replying.

What I was trying to say is that I want to inform the customer that our delivery zone perimeter is at/end at a street.( the street is the edge of our delivery zone). I am not sure if I should say at or end at? Please advise.

Another example:

The city’s border is at the river.

Please advise.


When you are talking to your customers it’s probably good if you try to sound friendly and alive. You shouldn’t use long, complicated sentences that sound contrived and bureaucratic because nobody is going to read that.

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Ok, thanks for the advise. My employer wants me to improve my English that is why I am trying my best to learn. Thank you so much .


Sure, you are welcome. Please note the difference between the verb ‘to advise’ and the noun ‘adice’.

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