Did any other humanities grads tank on the math section?

I recently wrote the GRE and, while I scored a 720 on the verbal section quite handily, I’m ashamed to admit I could only manage a 490 on the quantitative (gulp). I’m afraid I made the mistake of going in after only a week or so of preparation, this after a some six-year hiatus during which I never once opened a math textbook. Given that I will be applying to English programs only, I wonder whether anyone thinks it would be in my interest to re-write the test.

Your math score probably won’t matter, considering the type of program you are after and the fact that you did quite well on the verbal section…

I agree, don’t worry about your quant score. Science graduate programs basically ignore the verbal score of the GRE test, while humanity-based graduate programs disregard the quantitative part of the test. No, don’t retake the test. Although you can improve your math score quite a bit with only a little study, why bother?