where can I find the dialogues for TOEFL test?

TOEFL listening lectures: What does ‘monotreme’ mean?

There are 50 of them

hello irchuk
no they are long conversation but I am looking for short dialogues that use in Pbt TOEFL test .
thank you

I’m preparing for iBT version. That’s why I did not know about that type of discussion

Reyhaneh is right. Short dialogues in the TOEFL PBT have been replaced by long conversations, and lectures in the TOEFL iBT. In fact, the iBT is far more academic in this case, and doesn’t have ordinary, non-academic context.
Here is a link with many samples, I hope it’s useful:

eltmedia.thomsonlearning.com/res … dex_b.html

hello Saeed
thank you very much . that site is very useful .
have a good time.