depend on vs. depend to


Please teacher, I want to ask about -depend on somebody/ depend to somebody.
Which of them is correct?

Thank you very much!

Hi Amadea

It is correct to say “depend on somebody”.

Thank you Amy.
And could you tell me when should I use the word ‘‘fathom’’?

Hi Mojra

The word “fathom” has more than one meaning. The Cambridge Dictionary is usually a good one to check because there are usually sample sentences provided: … ord=fathom

When used with a meaning similar to “understand”, the verb “fathom” is often used in combination with cannot or could not.

  • I can’t fathom how John ever managed to come up with such a crazy idea.

Hi Amy
:)I can’t fathom why is he so rude to me.
This case is fathomless!- Are these examples correct?
Thanks for your patience.

Hi Mojra

Your first sentence sounds OK to me. However, I would probably use “unfathomable” in the second sentence. … &dict=CALD