Delay and Postpone: Is there a case that they're interchange

Dear teachers,

I read in my dictionary but I can’t distinguis btw:

Delay and postpone

Is there a case that they’re interchangeable? Please give examples.


As for me, postpone is a very formal word.

If you intend to use a verb - what about put off?
‘Real’ English uses phrasal verbs, everywhere…

Hi Tamara,

Thanks for your response. Now, please share with me your opinions:

A.Same meaning or not? If anything is not right, please note wrong.

a. We must delay our journey until the weather improves.
b.We must postpone our journey until the weather improves.
c.We must put off our journey until the weather improves.
d.We must put our journey off until the weather improves.

a.The match has been postponed until a later date.
b.The match has been delayed until a later date.
c. The match has been putted off until a later date.

B.Same meaning or not? If anything is not right, please note wrong.

a.This meeeting is sponsored by the Institute.
b.This meeeting is financed by the Institute.

a. You look happy.
b. You seem happy.
c. You appear happy.

a. He stays awake.
b. He keeps awake.
c. He remains awake.


PS: Tamara, please only note Same or not same,note wrong if it exists.
For 2,3 in B, I can’t find the answer in longman online dictionary.

Hi, tung quoc

Unfortunately, I cannot answer questions about ‘the best’ use of synonyms. In particular, it depends on the context and the emphasis you want to put…

And I’m not an English native. Just have ears :slight_smile:
That was/is the reason, why I’ve made a note about the use of ‘postpone’ vs. ‘put off’ in everyday (British) English. In the place where I currently live.

For the right use of the verb you can have a look at any good dictionary on Phrasal verbs.
I think - the first is a bit better :slight_smile:
You can say ‘put off paying the bill’.

‘put’ is an unaltered verb (put, put, put)

If I’m not mistaken, recently you have been given an explanation by Alan. Sorry, I am unable to make more… :slight_smile: