Deictic expressions


I tried to understand the meaning of deictic expressions through the internet sources but could not. Could you please explain to me what deictic expressions are?


Tom … Deixis.htm

Hello Tom,

Deictic expressions relate the content of an utterance to the speaker, the addressee, and the time and place of utterance.

Thus if I say to you:

  1. Come over here and look at this!

“here” refers to where I am as I speak, “come” refers to a direction that depends on where “here” is, and “this” refers to e.g. something I am pointing at. They are therefore deictic.


  1. Yesterday he gave me a gold watch.

Here, the meaning of “yesterday” depends on the time of speaking, and “me” depends on the identity of the speaker. Moreover, “gave” is also a deictic element, as it locates the act in relation to the time of speaking. “A gold watch” however isn’t. (Gold watches are gold watches.)

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Though pointing is not always the case.

Indeed. (Hence the “e.g.”.)


I saw it. I was just wondering how many students would guess the other e.g.s.