"Dear Roland!" vs. "dear Roland, "

Hi all,

Please tell me what is the difference between :

[size=150]Dear Roland,[/size]


[size=150]Dear Roland![/size]


Hello Van Khanh

So today it is proved that great minds think alike! I myself have been toying with the idea of sending this question, but could not really form it/ design it.

You will see that:

Mister Micawber writes: Hi, Tom
Amy writes: Hi Tom
Alan writes: Hi Tom,

Lets see other possibilities also:

1 - Hi Tom.
2 - Hi Tom!
3 - Hi Tom:
4 - Hi Tom;

Now we badly need one of the moderators to explain all of them to us.Not the future moderator, of course, i.e, myself :shock:


Hi Tom and Khanh(,) :wink:

Oddly enough, my information is this: in a formal letter, the comma is (nowadays) omitted after the salutation in the UK but not in the US. :lol:

An exclamation point ( ! ) after the salutation would be informal and I’d possibly use it to indicate excitement or enthusiasm. I suppose it could also indicate anger (which, of course, would be just a different type of excitement).

You’ve probably noticed that many people in an online forum omit the salutation altogether since a forum discussion is similar to an ongoing conversation.


Thank you, Amy :smiley:

But why does Mr. Micawber write it in a different way? Is this style American or British?

Isn’t it strange that Alan is the only one of all the moderators who does use a comma after salutation? And he is also from the UK! :shock:


Hi Tom 8)

I don’t remember having seen MM begin a post the way you mentioned. In fact, I thought Mr. Mic was one of the people who usually omitted that part.

What you should keep in mind is the fact that the forum is not a letter. It’s also not particularly formal. You can see that it’s not formal by the use of “Hi”. You should never begin a formal letter that way.

I don’t use any of the “standard” expressions (such as Regards, Best regards, etc.) when I end an e-mail to someone in my family or to a friend. The “standard” format would sound too formal. So, instead I might write “See ya later” or “Bye for now.” In those same e-mails, I also don’t worry too terribly much about commas. 8)


Hi Amy,

Please compare between :

Hi Tom.
Hi Tom:
Hi Tom;


I hope it’s OK if I answer, even if I’m not Amy :slight_smile: !

Hi Tom. => not normal English punctuation
Hi Tom: => standard Spanish punctuation, not normal English punctuation
Hi Tom; => not normal English punctuation
Hi Tom! => standard German punctuation, informal English punctuation

Conchita is right. Those are all punctuated incorrectly.

Hi Conchita,

Thanks for your response. I’m always look for your the response of any person.

Thanks. :smiley:
Van Khanh