Daniela from Bulgaria

My name is Daniela. I come from Bulgaria and I teach English for a living, and for pleasure too. I’ve been visiting this website for quite a while now and I find it very helpful. I decided to become a member of the forum because I simply can’t resist answering some of the questions. :slight_smile: Most of the questions posted here also help me understand better the demands of my students. I will be happy if I can help someone with my answers.
Except teaching English I also love mountain cycling and photography for a change!
Hope we all have a nice and useful time together in this forum! :slight_smile:

Learn English with Daniela

Hi Daniela,

Welcome to the site and I’m glad that you’ve been looking at the site already. We shall certainly be pleased to receive any contributions you choose to make.


hi daniela you are welcome to the site i am ituka emmanuel from cameroon and i will like to chat with you .i am so excited in know you so much please if you will like to know me this is my e-mail itukamassoma@yahoo.com and if you have yahoo messenger you can please sent me your e-mail so that i can add you and chat with you anu time that you are online