cuter or more cute

At Mozilla Firefox Start Page, I came across this sentence

Is there anything cuter than a pair of firefox cubs? Watch the live feed at and decide for yourself.

“cuter” sounds odd to me.

cute cuter cutest

more cute, most cute sound better to me.

How does it sound to a NES ear?


“Cute, cuter, cutest” sounds more natural to native English speakers, of course. … entry/cute

oxfordadvancedlearnersdictio … onary/cute … 1861602111

“Cuter” is more natural to a native speaker, and “more cute” is grammatically wrong.

It doesn’t matter how “more cute” sounds to native English speakers.

The word “cute” is a one-syllable adjective.
Form the comparative and superlative forms of a one-syllable adjective by adding –er for the comparative form and –est for the superlative. If the one-syllable adjective ends with an e, just add –r for the comparative form and –st for the superlative form.

[i][size=117]Hi Tofu,

Your #4 post is really very helpful !
I learned a lot from the link especially in the section of Exceptions where both rules can apply.
Thanks for your good work.