Cute Nation!

I live in Rangoon, one of the most dusty, dirty, noisy, rowdy, lousy and dark cities on earth.

I wonder what it would be like in Shanghai and New York.

But I read about this cute nation in BBC, my informer.

I was wondering why I wasn’t born there?

You know, I Sink these days all those rich,sophisticated and complicated people are happily doing all those digging and felling and mining and all most possible Ings.

I’ve got very low IQ, but I Sink it is not too late for you to dig your own yards tomorrow?

I donch know.

Have fun.

I mean don’t touch that kind of Cute Nation. Genghis Khan, all my possible great great great great great grand Mama’s dude would come kick your assy assish ass. Mind you.

Well, I do encourage all your possible digging etc. etc. on Mars and the Moon.

Still mind you again, you know?

Oh, for your kind information, Genghis Khan the Dude is now the Supreme Commander of our pretty solar system. Watch you step, eh?

He would send the most mighty Armies of Earthquake, Storm, Volcano Eruption, Flood and naughty naughty Meteorites.

Which could flatten your golden cities in some seconds, just like that. Trust me.

Have fun.

Shh… I’ve got an email from the Dude just now.