Culture Shock - A personal perspective from China

Culture Shock – A personal perspective from China
by Paul A Hodge

This article is a personal reflection and therefore the observations and the perspective taken by the author should not be generalised to reflect the diverse culture or societal values of China. An invitation is extended to other writers come travellers who can confirm, add or substantiate the information contained in this article.

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It’s always very interesting to read articles about China written by foreigners, thank your for sharing your experience. Private shools are much different with public schools, they run more like a firm. It should be very hard to fire a teacher in public schools. Variety may be the most important feature of China (let’s ignore politics), you can see the best things, you can have the worst experience.

Thanks the Internet!
Have fun in China!

Hi Paul! English is your native language?
Ariadna :slight_smile: