Culture... And its majesty

Culture… And its majesty

For the sake of knowledge, the human being drags this sake from his beginning, from the first footstep on earth. This very knowledge is shaped in different cultures which are spread through many regions and countries; this culture is the most important part of civilization, it occupies the widest part in the human thought. The culture with its majesty furnishes the corners of humanity and even its center. So what do we mean by culture? And what are the details concerning the phenomenon of culture, and then what is the relationship between culture and ideas, and after all that where we can place the Arabic culture among the actual cultural crowd. And starting from that we try to point out the magic way to a fertile culture, and then coming back to the actual circumstances, we deal with the clash of cultures and the last idea will raises a high call to the coexistence of cultures.

Firstly and starting from the origins of the term “culture” in the European mentality; we find its source belongs to the cultivation of the land, because Europeans were people of land and agriculture, their treasure is the sow of yams and the harvest. So they related every fertile and good thing to the agricultural domain, of course according to their environment and nature, and by the flourishment of literature and art during the era of renaissance; scholars were obliged to create a term to this developmental phenomenon, they would find no term better than “culture” which refers to fertility and production. So this historical illumination leads us to be convinced with the Oxford’s definition of culture: “Culture is the art and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively” or it is “the customs, institutions and achievements of a particular nation, people or group.”

These are the well known definition of culture, but if we go in depth we find them pompous definitions; because there are a lot of details ignored such as “ideas” which are one of the most important ingredients among the cultural components. And the question which is standing here ‘what kind of relationship between idea and culture?’ the response at first level is simply that the idea is a part from culture, more than that we can know where the culture is located according to its ideas. For example when we observe concrete characteristics polished the idea, surly we understand that this idea belongs to the western culture, and when we observe the spirituality in the idea, we have to know that it is an eastern culture and the thinker Malik Ben Nabi makes this idea more clear when he gives us the example of “Robinson Crusoe” in his isolation, he was interested in the concrete things, and this novel belongs to the western culture; however, the example of the Arabic story “Hay Ibn Yakdan” in his isolation shows us how he interested only in spiritual ideas. So to study a culture we have to put its ideas in the top of the Agenda, because the idea is the golden compass of culture.

By using the golden compass to delineate the direction of the Arabic culture in this decade, we find ourselves in a real confusion, because we can not delineate a specific direction. Why? the answer is simply that the Arabic culture is living in such a sluggishness, because it had been obliterated for centuries because of many reasons, and the colonialism is the strongest reason which was participated in that obliteration. after that when people walked up and search for then culture, they found themselves really in a great confusion; the western ideas in aside and the culture of superstition in the other sides, and in this case the Arabic people can not really find a solution filtrate their culture from the stains which are obliterated it and by the way, and according to this situation the Arabic identity will be absent till the time when culture restrain its position in the region.

So, in front of the previous Arabic factual finding, we find ourselves pushed toward an obligation which ordered us to find a key to the gate of a fertile culture; after a while we discover that the key of fertility is to mix the intellectual heritage with the actual changes. By this cohesion the culture will be recharged with a great self confidence, and the latter encouraged the culture to stand in front of other different powerful cultures, and imposes its ideas and identities like other cultures do.

After the step of the cultural fertility, this gives a magic power to ideas, the culture will emerge on the surface vis-à-vis to other cultures …and the clash of culture will began in this very moment; each culture intends to impose itself in the world and it wants to be the depressed culture over regions. By this struggle no one will benefited from the other cultures, but every one interests with the self –defense, and of course the prominent idea in this case is “the harm” and not “harmony”. the only effective solution in this circumstances is the work to fulfill the coexistence of cultures, and the human mentality surly will sweet every idea either a national or foreign one.

Finally, we can declared that culture is a very beautiful creator when it holds a personal identity, the late will grow up to be an ideology, a good a peaceful ideology. And the next step is the creation of a dialogue between cultures. So if we applied these notions step by step; the humanity will raise the flag of harmony and victory upon the evil side of life.
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