cruel, more cruel, most cruel ?

Is it “cruel, more cruel, most cruel”, or “cruel, crueler, cruelest” ?

i think it’s “cruel, crueler, cruelest”.

In my judgement, cruel - crueller - cruellest

Yes, the ‘l’ is doubled.


This really is a question of how you say it. Whereas ‘crueller’ and ‘cruellest’ are possible, it is easier to say ‘more cruel’ than it is to say ‘crueller’.


as far as i know that we can use both,

  1. cruel - crueller - cruellest

  2. cruel, crueler, cruelest

am i wrong?

Oh yes, of course you can. I was just talking about why people tend to say ‘more cruel’ because it’s easier to say than ‘crueller’.


Hi Rajesh,

Please note that you should always capitalize the personal pronoun “I” and that you should begin each sentence with a capital letter too.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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I am sorry. This type of mistake will not happen again.