Cross-cultural Forum ... coming soon

Greetings Olya,
The so called new Forum will deal with these questions in more detail.
The idea is that we have two forums running parallel to one another so that specific subjects can be expanded on one forum which otherwise will detract from getting to the point in another.
It will make the “Subject-String” easier to follow too.
We will have THIS Forum … call it maybe “Colloquial English Forum” and the new one “Cross-Cultural English Forum”.
The reason is that we can classify certain subjects which are specifically
English Speaking and Writing related from subjects which go further into
the English Cross-Cultural experience.
This will give you all the opportunity to write down your own viewpoint, experiences, jokes, funny stories and real information to help us break down the cultural barriers caused by stereotypes and prejudices.
As you will see cross-cultural subjects cover a vast area and the main idea is that you can switch from the Cross-Cultural Forum back to the Colloquial English Forum to clarify grammar, idioms, parts-of-speech etc. which you need to know to perfect your writing and understanding and then jump back to the Cross-Cultural Forum to continue writing your thoughts.
What do you think about the idea, Olya?
Your comments are valued as this a Forum designed for you and all our visitors and contributors.
Anybody else like to comment???
Best Wishes, Bruce.

Hi Olya,
In the Cross-Cultural Forum we need everybody to answer a few basic questions as to their background and culture otherwise it will not be the holistic communication experience that is planned.
That means defining information such as country of origin and present country of residence.
Your age will be useful, a few hobbies and interests, your work at present or what you have studied or your main speciality as far as work is concerned. This is NOT to collect information about you, we respect your privacy and dignity and are not interested in exposing you. This is about having base information upon which we can all orientate and get to know you. If you don?t give base information then it is not possible to get to know you or relate to your Cross-cultural experiences. If you have base information about me, ask me personal questions but don?t give any basis upon which to answer, like the minimal
question of - In which country were you born? or What is your nationality?
then I have no orientation to ask you other questions related to your experience. The process will then become one-sided like an interrogation and we want to create real exchanges. Remember this is PIONEERING WORK. There are enough problems and wars in the world because of lack of understanding, stereotypes and prejudices and fears created out of these barriers. We want to break down these barriers by establishing a Cross-Cultural exchange. The Internet has given us the most wonderful opportunity to be able to do this.
Yes, I shall be Moderator and Leader of this Forum and the ground rules are being established right now. If you want to stay anonymous, that?s quite OK. You can register a nickname, a slightly different age … but your nationality, work, hobbies and interests should be real … otherwise we can?t share real experiences. You will find the Forum an exciting experience, especially when you discover that you can write your name in the GOOGLE search machine and find you are now famous because of the few sentences you wrote or you are asked permission by a Journalist, Website proprietor or Newspaper if they can publish the small article you wrote on the ENGLISH-TEST.NET / CROSS-CULTURAL FORUM. You will then realise the power of this wonderful instrument called the Internet and reach a stage of self-worth, self-realisation and self-actualisation that until
now you could not conceive. You will be so inspired that you can hardly wait to switch on your computer when you spring out of bed in the morning. You will be logged into the Cross-Cultural Forum before the water has run through the coffee machine. The next step is - you will be amazed that you can start earning money through the Internet because you can write English and people out there will be interested in what you have to say. You will even go far as to write so much that you can write, not just a competent article but even a short story or a book. Then you will rocket from anonymous to famous. ( Do you want to be anony-mouse or fame-mouse? Excuse me that was a joke - play on words, of-course.)
That?s what we want you to do. English is the future and without English you are cut off from so many valuable sources of information. As I said
the idea is that you can practice and improve your written English. You can switch from the Cross-Cultural Forum back to the Colloquial English Forum (we have not established a name for THIS Forum yet, so I will tentatively call it “Colloquial”) to confirm the correct way to write, spell or use a word and then switch back to the Cross-Cultural message, joke, funny story, anecdote, real experience etc. that you writing about to share with us all. Later we or you will be able to here your very article spoken through our planned pronounciation, interview section. How about that Olya? You you and others will be able to not only read but HEAR your words and then you and others can improve their SPOKEN English. What about that Olya? Do you like it? Would you like to participate? We would love to have you on board. Tell me where you are at or fill in some more information on your profile. Looking at your name
I would guess your are from somewhere in Russia. Your profession/work, hobbies and interests are
worth knowing and your age. If anybody wants to write under a Pen-Name like alot of famous Novelists then that?s great, but use a name of your own nationality. If you are Peter Racmanonow and want to remain anonymous … then call yourself Igor Strawinski for example. Try and avoid famous names because you will be in danger of upsetting a few people or even breaking Copyright, Patent or Design Registration Laws. Don?t forget the world is watching. There are more people out there reading than participating, but that?s great too. That?s what we are here for. Also you will be able to invent new words through your writing. Check out my answer to FrankU about his Pun sentence.
You will find it here: English as a Second Language in School
My main base in Germany is Berlin, by the way.
Olya, I?ll explain more later. What do you think of the show so far?
Anybody else like to participate in our Cross-Cultural Forum?
Your comments are welcome and valued? Be there or be square.
Best Wishes, Bruce.

Hi Olya,
This is not a trick and I won?t be checking or controlling peoples real information. First of all it?s none of my business and secondly we are not interested in investigating other peoples lives. Just to remind you, we respect your privacy and dignity.
How you present yourself in the Forum is a matter for you to decide. It will be an experience in defining yourself and who you are, which is sometimes a long process of maturity for some people. This process is one we are all going through. Most people think they know who they are until they are tested by a difficult experience. Then they begin to really discover who they are, and start asking themselves some serious questions about life. The better you know and understand yourself, the easier your own life will become. There is a provocative injunction to this effect written in stone or marble above the entrance to one of the Greek Temples of Knowledge.
It says simply, “Man know thyself”.
If you want to invent a profile that?s fine and desirable in some respects.
In fact that will probably be the best way to start for most people.

This Cross-Cultural Forum (like every Forum) has to have a purpose.
The purpose here will be to educate readers and contributors about
Cultural subjects which most of us have no real information or
depth of knowledge about. Most of all, this knowledge will help us in our everyday dealings in the real world.
That … it is in English … is no co-incidence. English is the “lingua-franca” of world communication and is growing at a rapid rate. A “Lingua-franca”
by the way, is the communicating language of any two or more cultures when they don?t understand each others language. Example: A Chinese Businessman meets a Spanish Businessman in the USA or even in Africa. They can?t speak each others language so they communicate in English because that?s the most popular second language which they have both learned and is the “lingua-franca” in their situation. The language with which most of the business world communicate.
Understand that this Cross-cultural Forum will be about real exchanges.
Through these exchanges you will learn about what other people really
think about your own and other cultures. I want this Forum to enlighten, not frighten. To promote courage and freedom of speech for many people who have never had the chance to say something that needs to be said (but could not) because their was no channel available or certain fears have - until now - prevented this. Yes, it may even cause heavy disagreements which need to be handled correctly with dignity.
In such cases you will probably be glad you are anonymous. You may even feel personally threatened or injured and want to retreat into your
cave to mend your wounds - but I hope that doesn?t happen too often otherwise nobody will dare join in without thinking they are going to get into a fight or something. The Internet is an extention of the Democratic way of life in which everybody has a right to free speech, expression and opinions. The Internet has freed the world to this possibility. Use it wisely.
The Cross-Cultural Forum will NOT be a place to carry on abusive discussions. That will not be tolerated and immature comments do not have their place here. I expect an honorable, dignified and mature exchange which will be enjoyed by all and uplift the spirit and understanding of all cultures. Every culture has its roots in survival, adaptation to nature and the environment. That is the first reason to respect and understand why people of another culture behave the way they do and when you are visiting that culture you would also do well to learn from them when you are there, otherwise you will probably have a difficult time trying to survive yourself. One of first steps to coping
effectively with a new culture is to learn some survival basics of the language and body language. Then you will probably need to learn about what they eat and drink. As we say in English, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”.
Olya, you mentioned a 95 year old woman as an example who comes from Russia and lives in Africa and hinted that she may fantasize about what she writes. There are many reasons why I could site that as an unrealistic example, but if it was real I would be over the moon to know that a 95 year old women warrior was taking part in our Forum even if she was fantasizing. Apart from that, the likelihood that a person be mentally fit at the age of 95 is very high indeed. My grandfather (on mothers side) died last November at the age of 95 and he was in top mental condition and physically he has never been ill in his life. His wife
(my grandmother) also died last year in February at the age of 88. My thoughts were that he decided to go because the time had come, and after 70 years marriage - a bachelor existance is a bit of a lonely propect. So to round of my explaination about the Cross-Cultural Forum. Register as you wish, but you will have more of a feel about it when we have finished writing the ground rules of engagement. Also I don?t know everything and am open to learning.
Tell me about your name Olya. I?ll make a further guess. What about Spain or Portugal?
If you don?t want to reveal any information about yourself, I will not be pursuing the subject anymore.
That said, I still look forward to your contributions and thanks for the good wishes.
Best Wishes, Bruce.