crew vs. crews

A friend of mine asked which of the following is correct: “Crew Education and Training Centre” or “Crews Education and Training Centre.” He added that he felt that the first variant is correct and I told him that that’s what I feel too, but then he asked me why is the first version correct. So, I thought of asking the opinion of someone more competent than myself.
Are both the above variants correct? If not, can anyone please clarify which is not and why?
My near-native feeling strongly tells me that the first variant is the best and that using the plural is a redundancy in English, however I know that there is a best explanation, i.e. that “crew education” somehow implies in English “crews education”.

I want a scientific explanation.

Maybe “crew’s” ?

I am not sure if there is one correct answer - I would go with “Crew Education and Training Center”

I did a google search for the more common “Teacher Training Centre” and got the following number of results:

Teacher Training Centre - 295M
Teachers Training Center - 52M
Teacher Training Center - 125M
Teachers Training Center - 99M

So you can see in the US and Canada, there is a pretty even split, but in the rest of the worlds “Teacher” seems to be the clear favorite.

Also, you may be asking for trouble when you mix your desire for a “scientific explanation” with a grammar question - often it is just that the majority rules.

Here’s the answer I got from Paul Brians, Emeritus Professor of English at Washington State University, author of Common Errors in English Usage, to which I am subscribed:

So not a scientific explanation at all, despite it coming from an “Emeritus Professor of English.”

I on the other hand am trained as an engineer, so I often wonder why I hang around here so much. I’m sure Beeesneees and Alan are Emeritus somethings or other, or perhaps even “Presentitus” - err, where’s that Latin dictionary …

LOL - just a Magister and a Baccalaureus, me.

I am not sure if there is one correct answer - I would go with “Crew Education and Training Center” [color=blue]So would I.

Hi Luschen,

I will be an engineer next year. Just curious, what is your field of study? My major right now is Electrical Engineering and I really love it.