Crazy'n'stupid dreams

Have you ever had a crazy of ridiculous dream& Maybe even something stupid… I mean something like buing a thousand ballons and then lying in them in your flat or house. ))) Just think of it! That must be funny! :lol:

I have.
I think those dreams all bring happiness to me.
And also, some of them bring sadness.
This is the life~

My dreams are always crazy :smiley:
Don’t ask me why. I simply don’t know :slight_smile:

One time, I dreamed that I was asleep and dreaming. Pretty confusing! :slight_smile:

Hey sunny! You`ve just intrigued me))) Just tell me what exactly are your dreams. I do really want to know them))) Please)))) :roll:

I think that dreams are something too personal to talk about on the internet, Jailbird. I can only state that mine are always confusing :slight_smile:

Ok, sunny! Let it be so)))

Alright I do it first.

One night I dreamt of Brad Pitt. That may be usuall for other women but not for me as I don’t like. Well, he is handsome, I like in Fight Club, but he is pretty simple - as I can say this from my point.
So I dreamt of him, after his divorce, coming to a party of mine. But I tried to ignore him…then the scene switched to a enormous swimming-pool with nuclear-yellow (urin-yellow) parts in which you shouldn’t swim. I knew it and another person next to mine, couldn’t recognize him/her. Rationally, those nuclear-toxicated parts and the normal water parts would “mix”, but dreams are not rational.

Thinking about this dream I found a explanation why I was dreaming about Brad Pitt. I had a couple of days heavy pain in my achilles-heel and B.Pitt performed the Achilles in the movie “Troy”. That’s it!

that`s funny!!! :smiley:

…amd some time ago ive had this strange and difficult to understand dream...but before I start I have to tell you that my dreams are always like a mirror of my previous day, what was happening during it, the people with whom I was talking to and etc etc... :lol: So, this dream was about, generally, my work. As I work with ,mainly, teenagers (I am a teacher!!!!) I dreamt that I had some kind of a lecture in front of ...dont know…1000 people and the topic of the lecture of mine was : Why shouldnt we judge the beauty of teeenagers and young boys?...... heheheh..and when I woke up in the morning I thought work is killing me..theres sth wrong with me…for sure…poor students of mine… :lol:

Well, and you laugh about my dream. Bless u and your students haha

This night I dreamt about an oktopus which attacked my family’s house. My father escaped and didn’t help us (my parents are divorced) and I was very ambitious to help both my little sister and my mother whereas my elder sister and I tried to irritate the octopus. My little sister could escape and I decided actively to wake up…too stupid to go on. Accompanied was this dream by the typical soundtrack for Bud Spencer and Terence Hill which make it even worse.

ok…i give up…yours was much better :slight_smile: