could you show me how to use "a lot"?

hi everyone!
i’m billgateneu1992
i’m from hanoi, viet nam
i don’t know how to use “a lot” and i want to have a good answer!
thanks for your help!

Hi Billgate,

you can use alot in many situations.for example you can say i have alot to do.another example,alot of money.

i hope this will help you to use.hope i answered your question.

thank you alot.

Billgate - I found this through Google… easier than trying to explain myself :wink:

The term ‘a lot’ is the opposite of ‘a little’. As an noun, ‘lot’ means a large extent, a large amount or a large number. As an adverb, ‘lot’ means ‘to a great extent’ or ‘to a great degree’. It nearly always appears in the form ‘a lot’.

Mark has a lot of toys.
(Lot is a noun in this example.)

He cheats a lot.
(Lot is an adverb in this example.)

the word ‘alot’ doesn’t exist in English. It is always “a lot”.

I learned a lot in Mr. Smith’s class.

A lot of our friends are going to the beach this summer.

Ella is a jolly girl; she laughs a lot.

Grandfather was very sick last week, but he’s a lot better now.

You’ll have to study a lot harder if you want to pass.

There was a good crowd at the game today, but a lot more will come next week.

John has a whole lot of marbles.

Jerry is a whole lot taller than he was a year ago.

This is a lot nicer.

My girlfriend is a lot older than me.

Iraq is about to become a lot worse.

She runs a lot every day

“According to my divorce decree,” Alan complained, “I have to fork over a lot of money to my ex-wife every month.”

Professor Brown’s thorough lecture on asteroids covered a lot of ground today.

They have been seeing a lot of each other lately.

a lot = a large number or amount; very many or very much; lots.

thank you very much my friends!
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“a lot” means plenty. Like you say i have plenty of comics books, you can say a lot of comics book. I think this example may help you to understand the actual meaning of a lot of.

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hello everyone!
can you help me with crossword?
1…12letters:the percentage a bank pays into customers’accounts or charges borrowers for loans
2…9 letters:all stock or goods in a warehouse/a retail shop
3…4 letters:money under form of notes/coins