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The twenty-first century has begun. What changes do you think this new century will bring? Use examples and details in your answer.

Since several years we are now already in the twenty-first century. The changes that are already happend in that few years are enorm. Let me give you some examples.
First of all, there are a lot of inventions in the last century that changed the way how we living now. Computer, internet, new medicine techniques, television, cars for everyone, and so on. Now we are one century later and still the inventions of new techniques are going on and some products that we just used for some years are replaced by new equipment with totally new technologies. As example, the television was a product that was invented in the first half of the last century. First you just had a black and white screen than the first color televisions arrived. The television itself looks for a long time just like an ugly big box and consumed a lot of energy. Nowadays the televisions are so flat that you able to hang them on a wall like a picture and they use just a small amount of electricity if you compare it with the old ones.
In addition, the population of human on earth is still growing dramaticly and at the same time the industrial countries starts to produce so called biological fuel and use for that a lot of land to let grow special plants for that kind of petrol. This will lead automaticly to a conflict. The prices for basic food suplements like flour, rice and sucre are rising since there will be produced less. Poor people and countries won’t be able to pay this anymore. In this countries there will be riots that even can end in a civil war. As an example, the high food prices in the norhtern african countries are one of the reason that the so called Arabic Spring in 2011 started.
Finally, the pollution of the enviroment will be a big problem in the twenty-first century. Countries like the U.S.A., Canada, Australia and even the EU are still not willing to lower there pollution grade. Other industrial countries that are still developing like China, India, and Brazil are not interessted, too. But we can see already now the effects that the pollutions have. As an example, the weather changing that is caused by the carbondioxid. In the last few year there are more and more extremly weather conditions all around the world. Typhoons in Asia and Hurricans in the U.S.A. that are always getting stronger, Hurricans in Germany in 2011 which never happend before, and dry periods for years in Australia and Africa which destroy a lot of land are just some examples.
To summarize, in the twenty-first centry there will be a lot of new inventions in technology, social problems in different parts of the world will rising because the food will be to expensive, and the pollution of the enviroment will still get worser with dramaticly effects.

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