Could you please review this essay for me?

Compare yourself today and yourself five years ago. In what ways you the same or different? Use specific examples to support your response.

Change is something inevitable; all people including me are changing every day, and their lives are changing too. During the last five years, my life have changed a lot on some aspects while remained constant on others.

When I look at myself to see the things that remained constant, the first thing I see is my friendship ties with my old friends. For example, when I was studying at high school, I had three close friends. When we went to different colleges, I thought that I would lose them but fortunately, our friendship remained and I am grateful for that. Furthermore, I am still living in the same country that I was born in, and this is something that confuses me sometimes, because I love to travel and live in places other than my home country.

However, my life was also changed a lot during those five years. Comparing myself now and then, I see a huge improvement on my ability of learning and adapting. For instance, when I was a freshman at university, I was trying to learn things that were totally new for me and at that time they were very complex and hard. Nowadays, I have a full time job at one of the best software companies on my country, being able to learn, adapt, and try new things that were considered not possible before. I also see an improvement on the aspect of my social relationships; five years ago, I had some problems regarding social anxiety and depression, and I was going into very hard circumstances that led me eventually into depression. However, I worked hardly to solve them, and fortunately, I managed to change for the better. Now I see a better version of myself; the problem of social anxiety had totally gone. Furthermore, I am able to open up a talk with random people.

To summarize, some aspects of my life remained the same while others changed to better. I am thankful for what kind of experiences I have had, and I am eager to see what the coming days have for me.


Hi Mr. Haddad, welcome to our forum. I can understand most of what you write and you make a few mistakes here and there. Your essay is clearly written for the sole purpose of preparing for the TOEFL which means it’s very unlikely that anyone is going to read it. If your only goal is to score high marks on the TOEFL I suggest you hire a private tutor although there is no guarantee you will get the score you are aiming for.

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