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Do you agree or disagree with this statement? “In the future, the Internet will eliminate the need for libraries.”

There are many people who feel that it is better to study and research on the internet instead of reading books on libraries. In my point of view, I don't think that technological developments can replace libraries's role as the most important source providing knowledge for humanity. One reason I support this is that it is easier to find out more valuable infomation from libraries, and also learning online is not really effective.
To begin with, I believe that libraries especially old libraries of colleges, universities, and institutions reserve a lot of precious books, a part of which we can not discover on any websites. For instance, when I want to search some information of "Big Bang theory", I only type this words on Wikipedia, then this page shows me basic knowledge of the theory. However, I will choose to enjoy an academic book about it if I need to deeply understand "Big Bang", and this leads me back a library. Moreover, it is so hard to make sure that information on websites is reliable, whereas I am able to do this with a book. Clearly, spending time on libraries is superior to sitting in front of computer screen for many hours a day.
In the second place, studying on the internet don't bring about much efficiency. On the other hand, the web world is not only a learning tool, but also an entertainment so it distracts people from focusing on academic purposes. More particularly, the issue students hanging out on social networks such as facebook or twitter, as well as, playing some video games while they are reading lectures on computers is very common. This makes me claim that students might not absorb anything from their work. In constrast, they could concentrate on what they have to do when they come to school's libraries and sense an academic atmostphere covering those places.
In conclusion, I feel that the need for libraries can not be removed by the internet. This is because millions of books lying on libraries all over the world is still an immense amount of intellectuality. Also, reading and studying on libraries give more advantages over conducting these on the network.

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Hi, I thought this essay was written very well. You have an effective structure, although your introduction is pretty basic. Your body paragraphs are better though, with some good detailed examples to support your arguments. You do have some grammatical mistakes in your preposition use and article use. Your writing is generally clear, but your vocabulary could be more complex. Overall, I would rate this a 4 out of 5.