could you please evaluate and correct my integ speech.

HI Luschan, Hoping that you are doing well. In my previous message , I posted a reading passage and listening passage. Here is my integrated speech about both passages… Unfortunately, there is lot of noise in the library so that I cannot record my speech. I apologize for inconvenience.
Topic; The man expresses his opinion about the proposal in the article. Briefly, summarize the proposal and explain the reasons he gives for holding that opinion.

I will try to listen to this tonight

The reading passage describes the proposal of a computer department which is that the department is offering evening classes for the students. Because most of students have no access to computers in the morning due to lot of students in the classroom. However, the man does not agree with that proposal. He said that most of the students have a lot of things to do in the evening. For example, some students have to go for jobs and others have to attend some social events. He suggested that instead of starting evening classes, a new computer should be brought in the classroom.