Could you please correct my essay?... "Narcissism and Bodybuilding"

Narcissism and Bodybuilding

There is a Greek myth says, “There was a very handsome man who was so admirable of himself that he was sitting by the river for a long time, watching the reflection of his face on the water, until he turned into Narcissus flower, then he wilted and died”.

Unfortunately, the ancient story repeats itself now with a lot of the youth, especially those who are crazy about bodybuilding. They spend a lot of time watching their muscles growing. Their minds can’t help thinking of how to make their bodies look bigger. They want to show off their biceps and triceps and they do whatever they can to have these muscles, even if they hurt their bodies on the long term. Many of them start taking steroid, Growth hormones and a lot of vitamin and unnecessary drugs, besides eating enormous amount of meats and proteins which makes a burden on the digestive system. And for these reasons, the international Olympic committee refuses to enroll the Bodybuilding into the Olympics.
Actually, many sport experts look to the bodybuilding as a part of a wider training program, and say, “Bodybuilding shouldn’t be a separate game”. But the fanatics of bodybuilding strongly disagree with this opinion.

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Hi, pretty good. A handy rule to remember is not to use “the” with sports, games, or hobbies.

Thank you Luschen.

I’m not quite sure, but this is what I read in an Arabic magazine.

Well, I guess I am saying it sounds better as an indirect quote.