Could you please correct my essay? … "Isolation"


Do you feel some isolation? Do you have this kind of feeling that you are alone in this world?
If so, be sure that you are not the only one who has these feelings.
Most people, even the sociable ones, do feel the same sometimes.
But how do you fight these bad ideas?

The first and most important thing is to be used to a little bit of loneliness. Yes, I mean what I’ve just said. In my opinion, people who can’t stand staying alone are exposed to depression; you should accustom yourself to have some times alone, even if you are the most sociable person on the Earth. If you can’t stand staying with yourself for awhile, then be sure that you are, in some ways, too lumpish or cumbersome to make others not wanting to be your friends.

Second point is; loneliness is better than bad company. So don’t be a friend to whomever you find just because to not be alone.

Third: when you are among your relatives and neighbors, don’t be so sensitive, meaning don’t load any word more than it can bear, or in another explanation, don’t make legs and arms from any simple word. Think in a good meaning first; bear any expression on a good surmise.

Finally be in the middle of everything, don’t exaggerate in your sayings or overact in your doings, don’t heat so much, but love others as much as you can.
Don’t be afraid of people and try to make new friends by subscribing in a Gym or sitting in a new café, but don’t forget the previous advices.

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This essay is not bad, but you have a couple sentences which I can’t make heads nor tails of and you have used some non-English idioms that don’t really translate.

Hi Luschen,

Yes, you made it clear now.

I meant, if you hate to stay a while by yourself, then you are not a funny or an attractive person, so how could you expect others looking forward to making friendship with you!

I mean, for example, you said some words to me, and you wanted them to be nice or good, but I keep interpreting whichever you say in bad ways, in other words, you say good words but I supposed you said bad words.

I meant (hate). Sorry for my bad spelling.

Your corrections are very helpful to me.

By the way, you are right about what you said
this is not an English idiom


The problem is, I’m thinking by other language and writing in English.
I’ll try to avoid this later.

Thank you.

I would probably say something like:
If you can’t stand staying by yourself for awhile, then be sure that you are, in some ways, too dreary and boring for others to want to hang around with you either.

That’s exactly what I wanted to say.
Thanks again Luschen.