could you please correct and score my integ speech

Hi luschan, here is a reading and listening passage for my integrated speech.

Reading passage. starting this year, university dining hall will be transformed into the campus dinning club for one week at the end of each semester.During the last week of each semester, the dinning hall will feature special meal prepared by the university culinary art student. The school feels that this this will give students who are studying cooking and food preparation valuable experience that will help them later, when they pursue their careers. The university has announced that this will charge small additional fees for these dinners in order to pay for the special gourmet food ingredients that will be required.

Listening article. female: Did you see the article. sounds like a great idea .its really good for the students in that program.t m
Female. do not they cook in the class anyway.
Male. They do, but my cousin was in the program last year and she said that it is very different to cook for a lot of people in that kind of atmosphere than to cook for classmates. Female, Why is that.
Male. Well, in class you take your time. But ,cooking for more people,.there is more pressure I mean, you are in rush, people are waiting… it might be easy to make mistake with all that stress… Female.then they think that you are bad chef.
Female. what about the extra cost.
Male.look at this have eaten some of fancy restaurant int he town,right.
Female. There are some great places to eat around here.
Male.These students wil be making fantastic meal, and it s gonna be cheaper than going out to be one of those restaurants.
Female. much cheaper actually,
Male, so you know it will be worth it.

Question: Briefly summarize the plan, and man’s opinion about the plan and explain the reasons for holding that opinion.

The ??? states that the university campus, the university dining hall will be transformed into campus dining hall. The man opinion is that this is great idea. And he provides two reason for this. Firstly he said that the it is very different to prepare a meal fi lot of people fi a class uh because when you manage to prepare a meal for lot of people, they can make mistakes. Secondly he said that although university will charge some extra fee, but this meal will still be cheaper than that of other student {actually I guess you said “of restaurant”}.