Could you please check my resume? Thanks a lot!


i would like to send my resume next monday …

if somebody can have a look just to tell me if there are mistakes, if all is understandable (except technical words) …

thank a lot

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[i]Professional Profile

• Three-year-experience in the CRM (After-Sales Support 1013 and 1015)
• Four-year-experience on Unix/Oracle and two-year-experience in database administration (DB2/MVS)
• Team manager of 6 people
• Knowledge on C programming
• Willing to travel

Technical skills

• …

Work History

Since April 2003
Technical team manager on a CRM project :
• Planned and organized load testing and performance tuning
• Responsible for the exploitability process from conception to exploitation
• Wrote technical solutions in relation with functional team
• Team manager of 6 people

From November 2001 to April 2003
Team manager responsible for users support and applications maintenance :
• Managed team of 6 through users support and maintenance of 6 applications integrated in the “Order to delivery” process
• Was responsible for a high level of users satisfaction

From October 1998 to November 2001
DB2 Database Administrator (MVS) :
• Supervised and administrated 10 production instances
• Responsible for installation of new production instances

From January 1997 to October 1998
Applications Supervisor:
• Supervised applications in production
• Corrected mistakes in production
• Improved and implemented solutions

From May to Juliet 1996
Application developer trainee on Windows :
• Developed software in C
• Defined and produced HTML help files


Courses :

October 2002 EAI Introduction
December 2001 Oracle Introduction
September 2000 Project Management
February 2000 MVS System and Tuning
1998 – 2001 DB2 full courses

Qualifications :

1996 Postgraduate degree in biological and computing science - Paris VI University (France)
1994 Master of Science Degree in Cellular Biology – Rouen University (France)


Sport : Table Tennis Championship, Soccer and Golf
Hobbies : Playing the guitar and lesson Music [/i]

Hi Christophe,

I’ve made some suggestions in capital letters:

Hope this helps


Hi alan

Can you tell me please why for instance “Three-year-experience” is not suitable in this case ?

Thanks a lot


Hi Christophe,

You asked:

I can only say that it sounds awkward - unnatural. Experience is a vague abstract noun and to add on to it an exact time limit. Three year doesn’t really work. A three year contract or a three year course would work because you are referring here to definite precise nouns.

Hope that helps