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Do you think team building events are important for employees of an organization?

In many organization nowdays team buildings play an important role. In many big companies there is a special person that organaizing team buildings I think that, team buildings events are very important for employees of organization.

First and foremost, team buildings give the oppurtunity for employees to know each one more better, to undestand character and of course understanding these things will help them to communicate in office. For instance, when I worked in my first job, I didn’ tknow anybody there, dont’ know how comunicate with them, and besides I was very shy but after teambuilding everything has changed. I began to understand how to speak with wmployees, how for it will be better for me to work with them and so forth.
It is worth stressing that, teambuildings also give the chance for us to show which kind of person we are besides the working time. In team buildings you can, for example you can show your leadership skills, maybe in work time there was no chance for managers to see it, thus in future it will be play an important role for your carrer.

In conclusion, I would like to say that team buildings play a huge role for understanding other co-workers in your company, and also it’ s a very good ooportunity to show yourself.

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Hi, your writing is pretty good. You have a good structure, although your introduction sounds a bit odd. A big problem is that team building is an adjective, but cannot be a noun. Also, try to correct your careless spelling and spacing errors - these errors give a bad impression to the grader. Overall, I would rate this a 3.5 out of 5. Good luck on your test, please let me know how you do.