Could you kindly check and rate my integrated essay?my toefl is on 26th of may

The reading passage and the lecture talks about wind energy as an alternative source of energy and the pros and cons of wind farms.The passage says that although there are lot of advantages of wind energy,there are various hazards associated with it.The speaker,however,suggests that there are more advantages to disadvantages with wind farms.
First of all,the passage points out that the initial energy for manufacturing and transporting materials for the setup of the wind farms is quite high.But,in the lecture,the speaker states that the average farms can pay back this amount within few months of starting of operations.
Secondly,in the passage,it is said that migratory birds and bats are often killed by the wind turbines because of their attraction to the turbines as possible roosting locations.The speaker however says that this statement is highly exaggerated since the number of birds killed by wind turbines is quite negligible and is far less than that killed by cars,high buildings and pollution.A recent study in Denmark shows that migratory birds can easily avoid turbines.Also,wind turbines are generally located off-land.So,the prospect of bats getting killed by turbines is also low.The wind turbines,located on land,are very little and thus agriculture can also be continued without any hindrance and lack of land.
In the third place,the lecturer,unlike the reading passage,says that wind farms are mostly located in very windy isolated areas where population is little.So,it causes less effect on the people.A study in UK shows that 70% people actually find the turbines impressive and funny and thus have no issues with its presence in the neighbouring landscape.
Thus,the lecture refutes the major disadvantages pointed out in the reading passage with the above mentioned facts.


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Hi, I think your essay is quite good. You got most of the major and minor points of the lecture. It was painful to me to read you essay with no spaces after the commas and periods. Also, a few of your sentences were unclear to me. I would rate this a 4 out of 5, but if you add the spaces, I might be more generous …