Could you help me?

Dear all,

  1. Probably, it is an art.

    It is probably an art.

    Description: I think the first one is okay because ‘probably’ is a adverb. According to English grammar, a adverb can be used at the beginning of the sentence. Am I right?

  2. claustrophobic
    How do you say claustrophobic?

  3. pirated movie
    How do you say " pirated movie"?

    Description: For the tern, ‘pirated’ has two syllables. Plus, the stress of it is on the first syllable. I just want to make sure if I can say it correctly.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Maggie,

Adverbs can be put in almost any place in a sentence. By putting ‘probably’ at the beginning you are emphasising the probability of what you are going to say.

Now let me say the words for you:


pirated movie.


Hi, Alan

Originally, I would like to say that probably, interior design is an art. So for this case, which sentense should I say?

Thanks for quick reply.

In that case I would put 'probably next to ‘art’ and say:It is probably an art.