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Do you agree or disagree: nowadays it is easier to maintain good health than in the past.
Last day, I felt that I was a little uncomfortable in my stomach because I ate too much greasy food and did no exercise, so I chose to play basketball with my friends in the afternoon. People have varieties of ways to maintain good health nowadays. They can do exercise just like me, or change their diets or get a regular body examination. Undoubtedly it is easier to maintain good health today than in the past.

First of all, one of the most important ways to keep good health is doing exercise; more gyms are built up and more kinds of methods are developed to keep health. In my university, for instance, there are two playgrounds, which make sure that most students have spaces to play basketball, football or volleyball. What’s more, students can go to gym to do regular train planed by coaches. It is also seen that facilities are installed in parks and some public places. On the contrary, people did not have too much chooses to do exercise.

Secondly, people pay more attention on their daily diet and good diet habit does well to their health. On the other hand, in the past, people did not know how to eat healthfully. As a result, they could not absorb some important elements from foods that keep their healthy. People today diet more scientifically. They are taller on average than they were in the past and live longer due to nutrition balance.

Finally, people can maintain health because they can get advice from doctors regularly. It is more convenient to do body examination today. In every company and school, people need take an examination every year. It helps them find out their problems, solve early and keep healthy. But in the past, when people felt a little sick, they always ignore it because it was inconvenient to call a doctor and in consequence some aliments changed into serious disease.

To sum up, now people recognize the significance of keep good healthy as the improvement of living standard. The health knowledge spreading and the facilities convenience help people to maintain good health easier today than in the past.

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Hi, I thought this essay was very good for the most part. I like your introduction and your overall structure is clear, with good topic sentences and relevant and convincing examples. You do have some unnatural and odd sounding phrases here and there, a couple of which are confusing to me. You also have a few word choices that could be improved. Overall, I would rate this a 4 out of 5.