Could you check my writing please thanks in advance for your great help

This is part of a letter from your English-speaking pen-friend.
…By the way, we are doing a project at college on the fashion industry in different countries. It would be nice if you could tell me what clothes are popular with teenagers in Russia. Do you have any special fashion for teens? What kind of clothes do you prefer? Write back soon. All my love, Jessica
Write back to Jessica. In your letter
— answer her questions
ask 3 questions about her tastes in clothes

Hello Jessica,
It is great to hear from you. What is the weather like where you are now. How are you doing? I do hope you are in good health and happy.
It is great that you are doing project on the fashion. Thanks you for considering me as a source of your project. Russian teenagers prefer to wear casual clothes like jeans and T shirts. Now it is very fashionable for girls to wear red clothes while boys prefer to wear black clothes.
We usually have our clothes made although it much more expensive than buying clothes at shops.
We do not have any special fashion for teenagers but I think like all teenagers we like vivid colors. As for me I prefer to wear trousers with blouses of range of different colors. I wear skirts but I do not feel comfortable while wearing skirts and I do not wear high heeled shoes as I strongly believe it is a bad habit for legs and even can damage muscles in the heel.
By the way, do you like wearing trousers or skirts? What colors do you prefer and what is your attitude to high heeled shoes?
That’s all m y news now.
Take care an say hello to your sister.
Your friend from cold Russia.

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