Could we say 'wearing a vest beneath the shirt'?


Could we say “wearing a vest beneath the shirt” … or it is always “under the shirt”?


Hope vest in your case refers to underwear because I couldn’t imagine vest(waistcoat) dressed under the shirt :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Beneath is not approriate

Dear Alan

I saw you were on line :smiley: .

Could you please give your opinion about it?


oh, I am sure that I have seen beneath used in this context.

Yes, beneath is perfect appropriate here, as would be underneath or under. However, this is only if by vest you mean an undershirt.

Ooops , I’ve hurried a bit. Sure, beneath is feasible.

Ex.I was in church on Easter Sunday a couple years ago, and there was some girl who I suspect was in her late teens who was wearing a one-shouldered top that fit rather closely sitting a few rows ahead of me. I know that it fit rather closely because I could see the outline of her bra distinctly beneath the shirt.…a normal bra with only one strap in use, the other inside the shirt. It looked bad enough from behind, and you could see the derelict strap dangling trapped in the probably-a-size-too-small shirt.