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Some people believe that a college education should be available to all, while others believe it should be available only to good students.

A very interesting discussion I have recently heard about was whether the university education should be available for everyone or just for them who have always had good grades at school. And while I was listening to some people saying that, by only selecting the best students, the universities would become more recognized, I could not stop thinking how irrational this was. For me, the education should be an essential right for anyone.

Every single person should be allowed to go to college, to at least have the chance to prove what they have. Otherwise, they could be huge consequences. By only letting in the people who are qualified as “smart” by the school system into college we would be damaging not just the education, but also the society. Just a few will be able to access into the high-educational system, and they will easily find a job when they are done with their education, but the rest of people who did not make it into college will face a lot of difficulties to find a job. This would drive us to huge rates of unemployment and to an increase of the broad between rich and poor people. And an ideal society is not meant to be like that.

Moreover, I also believe that the admission of a person in a university should not depend just on their school grades. I personally believe that these grades are not a 100% exact representation of the persons’ skills, even though it helps to see them. I know a lot of people who did it terribly when they attended school, but were still able to get into a college, and now they could not be doing it better in their fields. And this works that way because what you learn at college use to be the things the person really likes. They will be learning there what they find interesting, not what they are imposed to learn. At school people have usually to study about topics they do not like at all (I have faced that), and that makes it difficult for them to study. There are also a lot of things that are not reflected on a school report, such as artistic skills or the persons’ integrity, which are also very important and would not be taken into consideration if we just attach the acceptance on a college to a school report.

To sum up, I believe everyone should be able to take a shot and go to college. If it did not worked, at least people will know they tried it. Otherwise, we will be hurting our society, and such damage would be hard to heal.

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