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Topic: Air transport is increasingly used to export fruits and vegetables to countries where they cannot be grown or are out of season. Some people say this is a good thing while other people think it cannot be justified. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Walking in the supermarket, various goods which in front of you made in various countries. This trend, it seems, is not a surprise. But nowadays, American fruits say hello to Chinese people face to face as well as Chinese vegetables smile to American people on the sales shelves. In my view, it probably is a get-up-and-go alteration.

Tasting FRESH fruits or vegetables exactly is not a daydream any more which mostly depends on the developed air transport. But some people argue that it’s not fair for local farmers while customers tend to buy the imported vivid products. Moreover, unemployment rate may rise up due to some farmers lose their job. In addition, investing the budget which spent to buy more expensive goods that above-mentioned in advancing domestic agriculture may lead to a win-win position for both local workers and residents. Especially at the time, lots of environmentalist consider about the risk on environment by increasing air transport.

However, people can rarely deny another choices which more than one. Due to huge convenience of high-sky transport, customer’s demands on shopping could be satisfied extremely. Specifically, individuals buy the bananas which come from Thailand immediately in a shopping mall rather than spend a host of money and times to fly to Bangkok. Furthermore, it is really a good news for the developing country which in a starving status that can not produce the necessary goods all by themselves, for instance some countries in the desert area such like Congo.

All in all, I personally agree that air transport should be encouraged in the further human life, but more effectively. It is a positive way to improve life standard of society as a whole.

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